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Web Analytics

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure”

This is a great old axiom of business. But simple measurement (the calculation of an activity), is really just the start of a good web analytics program. Measurement will provide raw numbers. It is how you interpret and how you use that interpretation that will spell success or failure of a web analytics program.

Discerning User Intent

A key objective of a company’s web analytics program should be the interpretation of user intent. “Why did the user do that there?” “What was he/she going after?” “Was the user satisfied with their experience of the website?” Understanding user intent, and the satisfaction of that intent, will prove success or failure of a website.

With the interpretation in mind, a web analytics professional will develop a hypothesis regarding user intent and then test that hypothesis with changes to the website. From the measurement of those changes a new set of raw data will be interpreted, and so goes the continuous circle of define, measure, analyze and repeat. An active web analytics program will always be testing some area of the website.

Using Google Analytics, Urchin and Omniture as the primary web analytics tools, NewInk Marketing can develop and maintain a web analytics program which provides insightful recommendations for site improvement.