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Search Engine Optimization

Rank high and the traffic will flow

The effort to rank high in the search engines for specific keywords can sometimes seem over-whelming. But if approached as an on-going project, and worked on a little each day, it becomes much more manageable. Below is a listing of our services for SEO. From this list we can fine-tune a program to develop a search engine strategy that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Initial Ranking Report

We will provide a report showing the ranking of your site from each top search engine for your keyword phrases. This report becomes a benchmark from which to measure future progress in rankings.

Keyword Research

The importance of keywords in search engine work can not be over stated. In consultation with you, we will research and find the most important primary keywords and key phrases (10 to 20) as well as secondary keywords and key phrases (perhaps 20 to 25) related to your business. As part of this research we will provide a report that will list each primary keyword by demand and its corresponding supply of web pages on the Internet (your competition). This will help to find under supplied niches in your product category.

Competitive SWOT and Link Analysis

As part of the initial research, we will determine your top five competitors and supply a detail SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) report that will aid in your search engine strategy. Included is a detailed link analysis of the incoming links to your competitor’s site. This will aid in determining a link building strategy for your site.

Optimization of Web Pages

We will optimize a number of agreed upon web pages, always your homepage and 5 to 25 other web pages on your site. Each would be optimized in meta tags, title, headings, body text, alt tags, hyperlinks, etc. to rank high for particular words and phrases.

Analysis and Correction of Navigation System

We will examine your site navigation system looking for trouble areas and offer suggestions to correct problems related to SEO that may be present; such as frames, lack of HTML links to interior pages, non-crawl-able Flash, JavaScript and dynamically-generated pages.

Build Site Map

We will create an XML sitemap file which greatly assist the search engines in crawling your site efficiently.

Search Engine Submission

If not already in the search indexes, we will submit your homepage and any key web pages to all the important search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), plus over 50 other niche search engines. Our focus will be on the big three listed above, but especially Google. Google holds an almost 70% share of search in the United States.

Submission to Directories

Listings in online directories are an important part of a complete search program. Listing on directories will improve your page ranking and be the cornerstone of a linking strategy. We will submit to the key free directories and consult on whether submitting to the paid directories will be useful. The Open Directory Project (dmoz.com) is a free volunteer run directory and an important one to be a part of. Of the paid directories Yahoo! Directory and Business.com are of value. As part of our service we will submit to all significant directories covering your particular industry or field.

A Comprehensive Linking Strategy

Linking is the most important part of getting to the top of the search engines. The more sites that have a link to your site – and the search engines view those sites as important – your page rank will go up, and also the higher you will be listed on the search engines.

We will work with you on a proven eight point program to get your site listed on important sites in your industry and other sites important to your top key words.

Monthly ranking reports

We will provide monthly ranking reports so you can track ranking progress for your keywords and key phrases. After an initial submitting campaign, we monitor the key search engines for progress and report back monthly.