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Email Marketing

Spam has not killed email marketing

Contrary to some trade journal reports, spam has not killed e-mail marketing. It has No Spamjust changed the e-mail marketing game. Now more than ever marketers must focus on opt-in mailing lists and other permission-based e-mail marketing programs to be successful.

As part of a comprehensive marketing communications plan, e-mail marketing can be extremely effective as a lead generation tool and/or a relationship building tool. We can help you develop a successful e-mail marketing campaign which will be measurable and very extremely cost-effective. Services include:

  • Defining measurable objectives
  • List development
  • Program development to insure you abide by the Can-Spam laws
  • Content development which includes message and offer development
  • Comprehensive tracking program

Never a cookie-cutter approach

Every client’s needs are different so we never take a “cookie-cuter” approach to you. E-mail marketing may not be appropriate for your business, if so we’ll tell you. But when used appropriately, e-mail marketing can be a powerful tool.Sent to a targeted opt-in list, e-mail marketing as a lead generation tool can be the most cost-effective means of turning prospect into customers.

In addition, an e-mail newsletter program, when done consistently with reader-valued content, can be an extremely powerful relationship building tool. We will listen to your needs and build an email marketing strategy which will uniquely fit your company’s marketing requirements.