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Writing Projects

Below are examples of content development projects that NewInk Marketing has worked on.



Experiencing high bounce rates and a very low conversion rate, Prostate-helper.com brought-in NewInk Marketing to create more compelling content and increase the site’s conversion rate.

After a site rewrite by NewInk the site’s bounce rate decreased by 60% and its conversion rate increased by 5%. In addition a site special offer was created that proved to be successful.


JAK Films

Foundry Networks Application Note

This Foundry Networks application note is one of many I produced while I was at the company. A major part of my role at the company was to produce application notes and white papers that promoted the company’s gigabit Ethernet products.

After an extensive interview of the client, I wrote this application note. It enjoyed wide-spread use through-out the company’s salesforce.



Paramount Transitions is a personal coaching and counseling company that focuses on stress management, transition management and emotional intelligence.

NewInk Marketing was asked to re-write the site’s content in an effort to highlight the company’s considerable experience in helping people to overcome major obstacles in their lives.