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Web Design Projects

Below are examples of web design projects that NewInk Marketing has worked on.


Firstaidcreams.com is an ecommerce site that sells Homeopathic creams as remedies for common ailments such as back pain, arthritis and carpal tunnel.

NewInk Marketing took a WordPress template and created the finished ecommerce XHTML/css site.




WinScribeDigitalDictaton.com is a site owned by the system integrator and software training company Zephyr-TEC. Zephyr-TEC wanted to build-out their Internet presence for WinScribe (a digital dictation software provider) with an objective of increasing their business in WinScribe installations.

The site is built top-to-bottom in XHTML/css with a flash banner.



StrutTech makes channel framing and accessories for semiconductor clean rooms and other applications.

StrutTech needed a web site that was easy to navigate and simple in its design. They had a lot of information to present and didn’t want the design to get in the way.