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Web Design Projects

Below are examples of web design projects that NewInk Marketing has worked on.



The Better Weigh is a weight loss program site that offers a state-of-the-art Comprehensive Metabolic Profile to uncover nutrient deficiencies and metabolic blockages that contribute to weight loss resistance.

NewInk Marketing took a Photoshop template and created the finished XHTML/css site.




WinScribeDigitalDictaton.com is a site owned by the system integrator and software training company Zephyr-TEC. Zephyr-TEC wanted to build-out their Internet presence for WinScribe (a digital dictation software provider) with an objective of increasing their business in WinScribe installations.

The site is built top-to-bottom in XHTML/css with a flash banner.




StrutTech makes channel framing and accessories for semiconductor clean rooms and other applications.

StrutTech needed a web site that was easy to navigate and simple in its design. They had a lot of information to present and didn’t want the design to get in the way.