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SEO Projects

Below are examples of search engine optimization projects that NewInk Marketing has worked on.



WinScribeDigitalDictaton.com is a site owned by the system integrator and software training company Zephyr-TEC. Zephyr-TEC wanted to build-out their Internet presence for WinScribe (a digital dictation software provider) with an objective of increasing their business in WinScribe installations.

Zephyr-TEC came to NewInk Marketing wanting to dominate the search engine results for keywords related to WinScribe and its digital dictation products. NewInk managed to optimize their site and build a in-bounding linking program that secured over 17 top five positions in the search engines and over 28 top ten positions.




StrutTech makes channel framing and accessories for semiconductor clean rooms and other applications.

StrutTech came to NewInk Marketing with a critical need to dominate the search engine results for their product category. NewInk secured the #1 position in Google for the keywords “frp channel,” “fiberglass strut,” “fiberglass strut channel” and “frp strut.”




Guardian Analytics assists financial institutions with online fraud detection and prevention, forensics and ongoing risk monitoring of individual customer accounts.

NewInk Marketing was able to secure them over four top five positions in the search engines and over eight top ten positions. Key search terms include “online fraud detection” and “online banking security.”